UnBullying… is that a real word…?

UnBullying™ is not just the name of our book. It’s a fundamental key to the revolution, a concept that underpins our theory, approach, strategies and processes.

Yes, UnBullying is a made up word, like many of the words we use.

Sometimes we make up words because our brains are working too fast to find the word that means what we want to say when we want to say it. Sometimes it’s because we lose all our words in that process and grasp at something close enough. And sometimes it’s because no matter how deep we dig into our collective vocabularies, there isn’t a word that captures what we want to say. So we make one up.

Hey, it’s the English language. We’re not the only ones!

UnBullying is one of these words.

So what does UnBullying mean?

When we tried to find a word that captures what UnBullying means to us, there wasn’t one.

Undefining didn’t capture it. Unlabelling didn’t capture it. Undoing didn’t capture it. Ending didn’t capture it. So we created a new word for a very different approach. The ‘Un’ in UnBullying reflects The Bullying Revolution’s bent on coming at things differently.

UnBullying is a change concept that describes the process of breaking the system to create a revolution in the bullying prevention field.

UnBullying is about undefining bullying. It is about undoing damage that misguided focus, misdirected energies, mislabelled behaviours, and limiting definitions has caused. These include harms and behaviours going unmeasured, unaddressed, uneducated, and unrepaired.

UnBullying is about unsticking and changing our mindsets. It is about changing focus and broadening our understanding, focusing on the harms caused by behaviours, regardless of whether we consider that behaviour warrants the experience of harm or not.

UnBullying is about taking responsibility as a society for where we are now, and for making changes so we can help children thrive.

UnBullying is about undoing the harmful impacts of both bullying and not-bullying behaviours, words and actions. It is about ensuring all the things that cause harm are addressed in an open, empathic and compassionate environment. It is about creating a culture of kindness.

UnBullying is about making an impact, so kids are able to grow up to become the best version themselves, to become the people that they want to become.

It is about gathering a community of people together with a deeper understanding of the cultural issues behind bullying and how rampant it is.

UnBullying is about uniting for revolutionary change.


PS. Yes, we wrote a book about it!

You can read more and BUY IT HERE!

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