What We Do

The Bullying Revolution aims to create a social revolution in the bullying prevention field.

Our focus is not on defining or measuring bullying, but on reducing the harm resulting from it, to improve wellbeing outcomes. We believe the key is not in providing a myriad of intervention strategies, but in changing cultures to truly prevent bullying.

Prevention is not achieved by stopping bullying of individuals through enhancing their resilience and confidence. This merely shifts bullying behaviour to the next more vulnerable person. Prevention means ending bullying altogether. This is possible through creating kind cultures within schools, organisations and communities.

We provide a range of services to create this social and cultural revolution:

  • Conference presentations
  • Training and workshops
  • Community education
  • Professional development 
  • School consultation service
  • Tailored program development
  • Consulting and counselling  
  • Referral and advocacy service 
  • Books and resources
  • Webinars

Please see our list of recent speaking engagements and publications.

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