Who We Are

The Bullying Revolution is a project for social change, founded by bullying behaviour educators Cameron Gill and Teresa Butler. We believe in a world free of bullying behaviours, where children don’t just survive, but thrive. Our aim is to create a revolution in the bullying prevention field, with approaches that result in sustainable cultural change.

Teresa Butler is a psychologist, educator, author, and advocate. She has over twenty years counselling and advocacy experience with disadvantaged and vulnerable youth and children. Teresa has a diverse background in youth mental health, disability services, training and development, and university teaching.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Teresa is The Bullying Revolution’s co-founder and program developer. She is also a director of The Bullying Revolutionary’s Parent company, Impossible Co, and its other projects.

Our founder and his Legacy

Cameron Gill was a teacher, author, and social entrepreneur. He was a bullying prevention advocate, paediatric physiotherapist, and a creator of superheroes. He was also an avid chaser of wild squirrels. Cameron died in 2019 after a seven year journey with brain cancer. His prognosis increased his urgency to work hard to impact real change, and he was driven to push beyond boundaries of expectations to embrace challenges others may consider impossible.

Cameron was a true revolutionary who never strayed from his goal to make the world a better place. He was known for tackling a challenge simply because someone said it couldn’t be done. Cameron made it his life’s work to create the biggest positive impact in the lives of as many people as possible.

We are proud to have begun this revolution with Cam at our side, and we will continue this adventure and his legacy work until we truly change the world for the better.

What’s with the squirrels…?

If you’ve seen our posts, workshop resources, presentations, and comments on our pages, you’ll notice they often feature squirrels. We’re pretty passionate and excited by the work we do, and we love to talk and share ideas. We are easily excited and distracted by great tangential ideas, and we want to explore them all. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check out the Pixar film UP, and watch what happens when the talking dogs scent a squirrel! That’s us. Squirrel chasers!

We love chasing squirrels, and we welcome diverse and tangential conversations!