Welcome to the Revolution!

The Bullying Revolution is a global social change movement focused on creating a world free of bullying. For over fifty years researchers have been developing programs to tackle bullying, but bullying rates have not significantly changed. In fact, there seems to be a pervasive question around the capacity to make real change in this field. Many people see bullying as a part of life that we can’t eradicate altogether.

But what if everything we thought we knew about bullying needed rethinking? What if the answer isn’t more prevention strategies and new interventions? Are we missing something bigger? What if prevention of bullying is possible through greater social and cultural change?

Bullying is not a childhood issue. It is a lifelong issue with lifelong impacts. Nor is bullying an individual, school or workplace issue. It is a social and cultural issue that we have all been a part of, with a solution we can all contribute to. We aim to educate and engage people and communities in a collective approach to creating a sustainable bullying solution.

Check out our site, which we update regularly with new resources and information. Follow the links to keep in touch on social media, and to get our latest updates first. And join us to make your difference in the bullying landscape.